An Eagle Hill living labs case study Reimagining performance management


That one year ago you sat down and set out a family savings plan. Your goal was to save $10,000 over the course of the year. Things were going great until three months in, when the transmission on your car burned out. Then five months later, your son needed braces. While you somehow managed all these bumps in the road just fine, you find yourself today with less than the $10,000 saved. Are you a failure?

Of course not.

Performance is dynamic...

But its measurement is not.

Every year, employees and managers dutifully trudge through the motions of a performance management process.

Typically, employees write goals they can force fit to their actual work. Sometimes even passing off group goals as their own.

But priorities change...

Over the course of the year as needs change.

To work within the constraints of traditional performance management, employees and managers have to make high-level goals that don’t mean much. Specific goals often won’t apply a year later and so can only hurt an employee’s rating.

As traditional performance management continues to fall out of favor, HR needs to institute more agile, user-centered approaches that let employees drive the process.

We have done this ourselves...

In a performance model that is already yielding results after just six months.

We included employees at every phase of the design and implementation of our new performance management processes. With change management built in from the start, communication was kept open and feedback was welcomed at every stage. This ensured that our development process was high-touch, highly interactive, and highly collaborative, which has been key to our success.

What we've learned...

  • Employees should drive the design and implementation process.
  • Performance management should be a fluid, iterative process.
  • Performance management includes HR but is not just an HR function.
  • A change-enabling approach must be integrated from the beginning.
  • Success means providing support.

Our results...

We’ve seen increased communication among employees, team leads and career advisors along with decreased paperwork. And end of the year reviews were easier as a result of more regular feedback.

  • 90% believe their Team Lead gives them useful feedback about performance
  • Eagle Hill regrettable turnover is 1/3 of the industry standard
  • 94% employee satisfaction
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To do:

To date, Eagle Hill is already implementing elements of our revamped performance management for some of our clients.

Want to learn more? Let us send you the full case study.