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An Eagle Hill living labs case study Hiring for the company,
not just the job

Recruiting is a lot like dating

The hiring process is all about finding the perfect match for your company—and just like in romance, the stakes are high. When you think you’ve found the right hire, and they turn out to be the wrong hire, it hurts.
A lot.


Average cost-per-hire

Average Cost-Per-Hire for Companies is $4,129, SHRM Survey Finds

Source: 2016 Human Capital Report, SHRM


Cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding one employee

Lisa Frye, “The Cost of a Bad Hire Can be Astronomical”

What if you could eliminate the guesswork in recruiting and find people who check all the boxes?

Hiring top talent is a competitive advantage, but too many organizations leave the process up to chance.


Wish no more—you can have the hiring process of your dreams

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Building better match-making

Back in 2012, Eagle Hill was a small company with a robust recruitment process. Or so we thought. Taking a closer look, we realized hiring was not standardized and was largely subjective. We had our sights set on the wrong qualities—job function rather than cultural fit—and often made hires based on gut instinct.

We wanted a recruiting process that provides strong candidates from start to finish. We wanted to reinvent recruitment so that it was intentional and data driven—sort of like the difference between getting set up by your grandmother and using an online dating platform that makes matches based on smart algorithms. So we gave our recruiting process a 180-degree makeover.

How we find the right matches:

Look to past performance as the biggest indicator of future success
Ask probing questions that make people get real
Hear from the references we want to hear from
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Starting off on the right foot

The recruiting process is where the employee relationship begins. It's the first taste of our brand and culture that future employees have. That’s why we’ve made the end-to-end recruitment process high-touch and personalized. It’s a true reflection of who we are as a company.

Create a strong candidate experience at every touchpoint.


Research and application

Provide clear, consistent and easily available information on multiple channels.



Acknowledge receipt of all résumés—everyone gets a “yes” or “no” response.



Stay in touch on timelines and personally call top candidates who are not selected.


Making an offer

Communicate the offer clearly and ensure the candidate has a point of contact for questions.

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Results to love

Over time, we’ve adjusted the recruiting process to fit our needs, but we’ve always found it to be a win-win for our organization and our candidates.

They get:

An honest picture of our environment, approach, and core values. And the information they need to make their decision.

We get:

Top talent, while avoiding the cost and damage of bad hires.

Between 2016 and 2018

15,300 resumes received

2,700 career history forms created

400 in-person interviews

100% client satisfaction score

Employee retention rate that exceeds the industry standard

Nearly tripled our percentage of hiring top talent

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To do:

Eagle Hill is already helping clients find the perfect matches during the hiring process.

Want to learn more? Let us send you the full case study.